Thursday, May 26, 2011


Now that we are in a new decade, it seems like the 2000s are chock full of artists to write about. Yay for this blog! Born in 1986 Mikaila Dominique Enriquez is of French, Spanish and Aztec Indian descent from Edmond, OK. After moving to Dallas, TX she became a regular at sporting events and sang at many Texas Rangers games. It was at this time that Leann Rimes's former manager Marty Rendleman began guiding her career. After heading to New York one day, she had meetings w/ several labels. It was that same day that Island Records signed her. Mikaila's debut single So In Love With Two peaked at #25 on the Billboard Hot 100 in January of 2001. It was standard teen pop, and then 14-year old Mikaila was torn between two teen lovahs. This song was featured on her self-titled debut album. Produced by Andy Goldmark (Jessica Simpson, Lina Santiago), Stargate and Carl Sturken/Evan Rogers (Christina Aguilera) it came and went. Another single It's All Up To You failed to chart. An opening slot for Britney Spears couldn't even help her album chart on the Billboard 200. Lost in a sea of teen queens of the day, it's no wonder. You can check out a defunct fan site if you like. Where is she now? I leave you with her video for So In Love With Two:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Richard Lugo

Today's feature is early 2000s teen pop singer Richard Lugo. Turns out he only had one single in the US (which I find hard to believe) and that was Boom. From what little I can find, the song didn't even chart. He was launched during the Latin Explosion of the late 90s/early 00s via Elektra/WEA Records. Touted as the next Ricky Martin, Richard came and went. Born in New York and raised in Southern Florida (explains the boy band thing), his family is of Dominican ancestry. He got his start via a boy band that never took off but was then offered a deal w/ Dallas Austin. His debut album, also called Boom, was released that same year. Opening slots for 'NSync, BBMak, and O-Town followed and gave him the teen rag audience he was made for. A second single was released in Canada Ven, Ven, Ven and had success in Brazil. I found a fan site that hasn't been updated since 2001, that's worth checking out. So what's become of then 15 year old Richard Lugo? Milk readers, can you help us out? In the meantime I leave you with the video for Boom:

Friday, May 06, 2011


Miami based group Linear burst onto the pop charts in 1990 w/ their top 5 hit Sending All My Love. From what little info I could find, the song was originally part of lead singer Charlie "Steele" Pennachio's debut release on Futura International Records. After entering the pop charts Atlantic signed him to a deal. What I'm confused about is how the other 2 members of the band became involved? Or was the group already established. Hmmm. The other two members were Joey "Bang" Restivo and Wyatt "Riot" Pauley. Producer and songwriter Tolga (who had many freestyle hits of his own) is also sometimes credited as having been a member of the band. Not sure how accurate this is, but he did co-write and produce Sending All My Love as well as the entire album. A second single Don't You Come Crying stalled at #70. A third single failed to chart (Something Going On). By the time the band's second album w/ Atlantic was released in 1992, it was obvious they had moved away from their freestyle roots and went for all out pop sound. The lead single T.L.C. failed to match the chart succes of ...Love but did crack the US top 40 when it peaked at #30. I can not find any info about any more subsequent releases from this album. In 1994 a cover of Sly Fox's Let's Go All The Way was released as Linear featuring Charlie Steele. Not much has been heard from the group as a whole since, but it seems that the members have been keeping themselves busy. Charlie went on to write for artists such as Anastacia, Mandy Moore, Big & Rich as well as producing and being a talent scout for country singer Jon Rich (which explains why he was on an episode of Celebrity Apprentice). Charlie can be contacted via his myspace page. Joey Restivo has also turned to production. Most notable producing his brother Antonio's Las Vegas act. He can also be found on myspace. Wyatt Pauley seems to be doing the music thing as well. All I could really find was an interview in 2007 talking about the music business. Also check out the remastered best of release The Best of Wyatt Pauley and Friends: Freestyle From The Top which you can purchase on I leave you with Linear and their infamous mullets:

Finishedproduct by ktsarasota

Friday, April 22, 2011


Do you ever get a song stuck in your head and just can't remember who sang it? Or what it's even called? That's what happened to me with today's group 4-Fun. Does anyone remember in the early 90s when they tried launching a VHS version of a teen magazine? I don't remember what it was called. But for some reason I was selected to become a charter subscriber. Maybe it was due to my subscription to BOP magazine at the time? Anyhoo one segment featured a newly departed from Kids Incorporated, Stacy Ferguson (aka Fergie). In it she and her friends (including Renee Sandstrom and Stefanie Ridel who she would later form Wild Orchid with) are having a pool party. At said pool party the song You Can't Play Me by 4-Fun was played throughout. I remember buying the CD as a result. At least somebody did. Anyhoo it seems they had this one sole single. Their debut album, The Unbelievable Fun Boys was released in 1991 by EastWest Records. Their sound was 100% New Jack Swing. I can't physically locate my CD right now to even look up the credits, but I was able to found out that Ralph Tresvant was one of the producers. Like I said earlier, they had one single that came and went. Not even sure if it charted anywhere. I leave you with the video. It's pure early 90s cheese. Looks like it was filmed at a mall. Merry-Go-Round fashions and all.

Steve Best

I was recently looking at my posts and noticed that 9 out of 10 of my posts are female artists! What do you expect from a gay guy? LOL. So that brings me to today's post. A male artist! Yet I have NO IDEA who he is. Do any of you? His name is Steve Best and from what I can gather he is a one single wonder. His single The Way You Want It came up as a suggested purchase on itunes after I had bought another 90s single. From what little I could find, he is Canadian and was featured on a compilation put out by BOP magazine called, get this, BOP Boys. It was released on Interhit Records in 1998. Tried searching for him online and am coming up empty. Anyone? If you want the single and it's many remixes you can still buy them on itunes.

I know I've been slacking on updating this blog. Looking at last year's archives, I only did 4 posts. That's just sad. I promise to update more often. I have some upcoming interviews with some missing pop stars that you guys will be very excited to read. Thank you to everyone who's been reading this blog over the years. If you haven't already, become a fan of this blog on facebook.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

best of 2010: singles

So it only took me 2 months into 2011 to post my fave songs of 2010. Ok Mike it's your turn. LOL! Enjoy.

Afortunadamente no eres tú - Paty Cantú. Like I've said before, I didn't really care for her previous efforts. But this song is just such a fun pop song that I couldn't stop listening to it. Plus 2 of my fave contestants from Mexico's Next Top Model (Anelís & Cecilia) were in the video. Can you get any gayer?

19. VIP (Dave Aude Radio Mix) - Zayra. Puerto Rican singer/songwriter Zayra hung up her guitar and hit the dancefloor with her first single in years. After a few delays (and a defunct group or two) she came back and made me appreciate a whole new side to her.

18. Whip My Hair - Willow. Ok so the chorus is annoying after awhile, but you gotta admit it's catchy as hell. I'm excited to see and hear what this little girl does next.

17. Been A Bad Girl - Khia. Thug Misses! If you don't know by now, I have an obsession with Khia. She's tacky, nasty, dirty, trashy, and those are all the reason I love her so. I'll admit at first listen I thought this song was rather lackluster. But then I saw the stunning video (those eyelashes kill me), I was in lust. Hurry up w/ that new album already!

16. Indispensable - Lucero. Oh Lucero! How I've loved you so for so many years now. It's been eons since she's done a proper pop album (she's been stuck in ranchera land for years). She came back w/ a pop vengance. So glad she did. This song/video/image is so bad it's good! Did I mention there was an English version too!?!?

15. Freak - Estelle. I was sold from the moment I heard the Soul II Soul sample. What a f*cking awesome song! The video! That hair! Of course it flopped in the US. No rent-a-rapper like her sole hit, American Boy. When's the proper album coming? What a tease!

14. Acapella - Kelis. Kelis Kelis Kelis. How do I love you? Let me count the ways. Why some consider you a one-hit wonder in the US is beyond me. When this song first leaked I thought it was too good to be true. The David Guetta, Frédéric Riesterer produced single has a thumpin' dance beat and a hypnotic chorus. What's not to love?

13. Commander - Kelly Rowland. I declare this the gay song of 2010. I swear I heard it everywhere I went (don't judge me). The beat, the hilarious vogue off by the dualing Kellys (like you never did this drunk with your friends at the local gay bar?). I love it! Why is the most talented one in Destiny's Child taking so long to release an album? Come on Kelly, give us gays what we want already!

12. Call Me - Samantha vs. Sabrina. They should have called this Titty Wars. Whomever had the idea to pair (pun intended) these two, Samantha Fox and Sabrina Salerno, is a genius! Give him or her a nobel prize! The two sluttiest singers of the 80s take on the Blondie classic and do it justice.

11. Somethin' Sexy - Cassie Steele. This song seems to be a one off, as it is not featured on either of her pop/rock albums and is more like her current work in KaraMel. So why include this and not KaraMel? Because I can. Seriously check out this electro/pop ditty. And yes it's available on itunes. Apparently it was a special release for Valentine's Day 2010. Manny Santos never sounded so good.

10. Baila duro - María Daniela y su sonido lasser. Don't watch this video too long. You might have a seizure. Other than that, MDYSSL continue to churn out some of the funniest music in all of Mexico (Mike you need to invest in their entire discography).

9. Lovesick - Emily Osment. Miley put down the bong. You must have been stoned out of your mind to let your sidekick outdo you. Seriously this song is wicked hot! Plus the video totally reminds me of Spectra dolls from the 80s come to life!

8. Shampain - Marina & The Diamonds. I simply can not get enough of Marina! She is amazing! I love that this video is the 2nd coming of Transvision Vamp's Sister Moon. Check out her quirky alterna/pop for yourself.

7. You Lost Me - Christina Aguilera. While I loved the hot mess that was Not Myself Tonight, I gotta admit that Christina is best when her vocals shine (and aren't oversung). It's just a stunning song. Plain and simple.

6. Dancing On My Own - Robyn. How does she keep turning out these amazing singles? Give me some of what she's drinking. On a side note the other day my other half pointed out that I liked her before she broke (I use the term loosely) America again. I found this blog post I did about her back in 2006 on my now-defunct blog! See you should listen to me people! LOL!

5. Egoista - Belinda. While her private life seems to be overshadowing her music career these days, I could care less. She did it again w/ this single. Hot! Hot! Hot! Even if that troll Pitbull had something to do with this song. P.S. I like your nosejob Belinda.

4. Me, Myself & Time - Demi Lovato. Yes I have a soft spot for Demi Lovato. Sue me. This song is from her Disney Channel series Sonny With A Chance and it's amazing. Again don't judge me. While this little ditty probably wasn't heard by many (other than 12 year old girls and me), it's worth checking out. Seriously!

3. Ghost - Fefe Dobson. I friggin' love this song! Fefe Dobson really surprised me with her current offerings. Back in the day I really couldn't stand her. I've grown to love her so. This song is probably the main reason.

2. Terrified - Katharine McPhee ft. Zachary Levi. Whenever I hear this song, I get this happy warm feeling inside. It just makes me happy. I love the vocal delivery Katharine gives. Who knew Zachary Levi had such a nice voice (mind you this is pre Tangled). This album version features the song's co-writer Jason Reeves but it was later recorded w/ Zach. I'm so glad it was, because this version has quickly become one of my all-time faves. Sigh.

1. Push Push - Kat DeLuna ft. Akon. Why oh why did this song flop? I just don't understand. Kat's vocals are killer, the RedOne production is amazing, and Akon even didn't annoy me on this one. It had everything hit songs are made of. Yet again my poor Flop DeLuna (how I lovingly refer to her) has another ignored gem. The line "sweet boy, I just want to be your fantasy boy" just brings a smile to my face everytime I hear it. At least she's got Belgium.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

best of 2010: albums

I get the prize for being the latest huh? I'm even lazier than Mike! It's February 2011. Get over it. I present to you my favorite albums of 2010. A best of if you will. I'm no music expert, never claimed to be one. But while this blog focuses on forgotten pop stars of yesterday, I figure it's a perfect platform for me to talk about my current likes. Enjoy.

20. The Other Side - Nina Sky. So what if they're one hit wonders (2004's Move Ya Body). That never stopped me from liking anyone. I downloaded this EP for free (and legally) out of curiosity here. So glad I did! What a fresh collection! Part electro, part house, part R&B, and a whole lotta bangin'! Plus that wicked cover of The Cure's Love Song? Download this now! I can't wait to hear what these ladies do next.

19. Somos - Christopher Von Uckermann. While not the least talented vocalist to come from RBD (I think we can all agree that would be pretty boy Alfonso Herrera). Even though he's not a very good vocalist, I have to say he made one hell of a pop album. Who knew? It's probably up there w/ Anahí's Mi Delirio as the best post-RBD solo effort (I'm talking to you Dulce María and Christian Chávez). Check out Mundo Irreal

18. A Year Without Rain - Selena Gomez & The Scene. Disney's reigning pop princess must have taken note that us gays ate up her remix of Naturally (seriously who hasn't danced and sung along to this drunkenly at a gay bar/club?). So they did a whole dance album! Yay! Get the deluxe edition w/ the Spanish version of the A Year Without Rain. It alone is worth the price!

17. Baila Duro - María Daniela y su sonido lasser. Damn you are your EP! I wanted a full-length album but I've settled for this. Is settle the right word? I've grown to like this effort quite a bit since it came out in December. Sure the Baila Duro video can give you a seizure after watching it, but their sound gets me every time. It's like Jeans on crack! Their covers of No te aguanto más (originally by Spain's Objetivo Birmania) and Yo tenia un novio (originally by Rubio y los Casinos) are worth getting this alone!

16. Inside Out - Kat Deluna. Oh my poor Flop Deluna! Why are you being punished by the pop gods so? She released one of the best singles of 2010, Push Push (which I'll drool over in my best of 2010 singles list a little later). It flopped in the US of course. This album has been relegated to be released in Belgium and France only. Don't miss out on this talent. Buy the import! God knows when we'll see a US release (if ever). It's a great dance/pop effort.

15. Animal/Cannibal - Ke$ha. Ke$ha where have you been all my life??!?! She is trashy, bratty and I friggin' love her! She's like your favorite drunk bff! Boots & Boys is my favorite song on both editions. Hands down! Give me boots & boys indeed!

14. Dreamer - Soraya (Arnelas). Not to be confused w/ the late Colombian-American singer/songwriter Soraya, Soraya Arenlas is Spain's reigning queen of dance music. It says so on her website if you don't believe me! Check out her sassy collection of eurodance ditties! I've been enamoured of her ever since her twin albums of 80s covers! If there were any justice DJs in the US would begin spinning her.

13. Fight or Flight - Emily Osment. While Selena Gomez may be the reigning queen of Disney (sorry Miley), Emily Osment has outdone her w/ her trashy electropop debut! When I heard Hannah Montana's sidekick was releasing an album I was like "whatever". Boy was I surprised. Lovesick is such a hot song. It's better than anything Britney's done since Blackout. Are you done judging me? Good now listen to this album. It's hot!

12. Afortunadamente no eres tú - Paty Cantú. I thought Paty's former band was Lu, was in a word, lame. When she released her solo debut I thought it was more of the same (only she cut her hair). But when the first and title track came out, I was pleasantly surprised. It's a bright, cheery, pop album. Check out Goma de mascar, it's my absolute fave.

11. Fleshtone - Kelis. I love Kelis. Let me just start off by saying, I think she is one of the more interesting and original pop stars to come out in years. Looking like Amii Stewart reincarnated, girlfriend went dance on us with her latest release. And the results are glorious. When I heard the first single Acapella it was love at first listen. The same can be said for the entire album.

10. Aphrodite - Kylie. Dannii's older sister has done it yet again. Released a killer album. This album would have been higher on my list but I am mad at Ms. Minogue for 2 things. 1) not releasing the amazing Cupid Boy as a single (Better Than Today really???). 2) not including Chicago on her upcoming tour. Don't worry I still love ya! Not as much as Dannii, but pretty close.

9. Sale el sol - Shakira. Even though the first single, Loca, sounded like something Illegales did in 1995, that didn't stop me from giving this album a chance. I honestly didn't think she could top She Wolf. But she did. Love this album! It's like a new wave merengue party! Love Gordita w/ Calle 13, Addicted To You, Rabiosa and especially Devoción!

8. Joy - Fefe Dobson. I used to despise this chick. But she won me over with several singles from this album (I Want You, Watch Me Move and especially Ghost). A great pop/rock album. Welcome back.

7. Tiempo amarillo - Sasha Sökol. While I'll admit she's not the greatest singer, there is just something I love about her voice. Maybe it's the tone. Don't know. Sasha FINALLY released a new pop album. The first since 1996's 11:11. While a few of the singles (Dulce veneno, Luna de Paris) were very Paulio Rubio-ish, there are much better songs on this album. The mid tempo Eres tú, El pez, Luz azul and the exquisite Quiero repetirte. On a side note I got to see her live while I was in Mexico City last November. Sigh.

6. Nasty As I Wanna Be - Dirt Nasty. Simon Rex's rap alter ego is trashy, funny, witty, horny, and just plain hot! Boombox, Cougar, Suck My D*ck, Motel Room. I love this album! I think I may like them even more than his porn videos. LOL.

5. Unbroken - Katharine McPhee. While I don't watch American Idol, I do find myself becoming a fan of several contestants post show (Fantasia, Kimberley Locke). While I enjoyed a few songs from Kat's debut (Open Toes anyone?), it wasn't until her sophmore album that I can say I consider myself a fan. Upon first listen I wasn't all that impressed. I had high hopes because it was produced by John Alagía who produced one of my favorite albums, Wild Hope, by Mandy Moore. I gave it a few more listens, and found myself falling in love w/ this album. A great collection of adult pop. Love love songs like It's Not Right, How, Lifetime, Terrified (especially the rerecorded duet w/ Zachary Levi) and the bonus track How.

4. Bionic - Christina Aguilera. All hail Godtina! The harder Christina falls the more I root for her. What can I say, I'm a sucker for the underdog. So what if this album was a hot mess? Just get rid of Prima Donna, Sex for Breakfast and Lift Me Up, and replace them w/ the bonus tracks, you have one killer album! Why Little Dreamer, Bobblehead, Monday Morning, and Stronger Than Ever were made bonus tracks boggles my mind. Why weren't Vanity or Desnúdate singles? Why? Why? Why! This flop is right up there w/ Donna Summer's Mistaken Identity and Diana Ross's Workin' Overtime. In my book that's pretty high.

3. Body Talk - Robyn. Robyn released an album in 3 parts this year, and the combined result is one of my faves of 2010. I don't know what she's drinking, but I want some of it. Separately there are many standout tracks, and a few clunkers, but put them all together and it works. Lovekills, Dancing On My Own, Indestructable, Hang With Me, U Should Know Better. I could go on and on.

2. Carpe Diem - Belinda. I thought Utopia was a great pop album, but this one is even better. Egoista (even if Pitbull is involved) has to be one of the most adddictive pop songs to have come out in 2010 (even the English version). This album proves why she's the reigning princess of Mexican pop.

1. The Family Jewels - Marina & The Diamonds. I was first intrigued by this album because of the Interview-like art. I am glad I sought it out, because it's my fave album of 2010. Marina's quirky pop music is the best thing to happen to my ipod. My love grew when I saw her live last year at Lincoln Hall here in Chicago. She was great live. I want to see her every time she plays now (though I'll pass on her opening for Katy Perry). Are You Satisfied?, Obsessions, Oh No!, Numb, all amazing songs. How can I not love Shampain? The video was like an unintentional tribute to Transvision Vamp's Sister Moon video!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Strange Ké

It's been forever since I've last updated. Shame on me I know. Today I wanted to write about one of my fave no-hit artists. I remember finding the promo CD single Strange World at a used cd store. I immediately loved it and found out that the singer had just released an album. The album was titled I Am [ ] . Released in 1995, the single didn't fare well on the Billboard charts, it did however become a top 5 dance hit thanks to remixes by Junior Vasquez. It did however go on to become a huge European hit. It became the #1 single of 1996 in Italy. A second single came and went, Someday. Ké's real name is Kevin Grivois. He looked like a 90s Calvin Klein model and kinda sounded like a chick when he sang. But that was what made him so appealing. The album is probably one of my faves of the mid-90s. If you've never heard it, give it a try (come on it's only 1¢ on amazon used).

A follow up was released in Europe in 1998 entitled Shine. Two singles were released, You Don't Know Me and Believer. I am guessing a US release was planned and then shelved as I own an advance promo copy of it. What was w/ RCA shelving albums left and right in the late 90s (Danielle Brisebois, Wild Orchid, etc.)? A third album came and went in 2001 entitled Better Way of Living. Released on the indie label Schizo Music, it now goes for big bucks on eBay. Not much has been heard from Kevin since then.

Or so I thought. While writing for this piece I found a brilliant profile done back in 2008 where Ké/Kevin talks about everything from his failed big label music career, to being too gay for the mainstream America and the new found audience his single Strange World has found. Check it out here! You can also check out what he's doing now by visiting his myspace page. From what I can see he seems to be going by the monkier onetribe. Glad to see he's still doing his thing, as a talent like his needs to be heard.

I leave you with the video for Strange World...

and Someday...

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