Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Love her all up

During the late 80s and early 90s, a slew of female pop singers infiltrated the pop charts. While a few survive, may have fallen into the black hole of pop stardom. The latter could not be any truer for today's topic. Ladies and Gents...I give you Stacy Earl.

In 1992 Stacy Earl first appeared on the scene w/ her dancetastic hit Love Me All Up. (On a personal note I used to jam out to this song non-stop). The song peaked at number 26 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was smash in the clubs.

Stacy's next single teamed her up w/ The Wild Pair and the result was the top 10 hit Romeo & Juliet.

Check out the video while you're at it...

The 3rd and final single from Stacy's self titled debut was Slowly which peaked at #52 on the Billboard Hot 100. All of these songs appeared on her debut album which featured production from the likes Glen Ballard, Walter Afanasieff, Oliver Lieber and Michael Sembello.

In 1993 Stacy released the Jellybean produced song Blood From A Stone which was featured in the film Untamed Heart starring Marisa Tomei and Christian Slater. Though the song failed to set the charts on fire, it did however feature the b-side The World Is Not A Stranger, which was a previously unreleased song.

So let's fast forward to present day 2006. Nothing has been heard or seen about the lovely Ms. Earl. That is until a quick visit to her wikipedia entry (God bless wikipedia) revealed the following:

In 2006, Stacy Earl played a cameo role in the independent film "Crazy" which starred Ali Larter (Final Destination)and Waylon Payne (Walk The Line). In one of the scenes, Earl performs the Hank Williams, Sr. classic "Honky Tonk Blues" on stage.

Holy crap!!! To top it off...Miss Thing even has her own myspace profile. As well as a recent photo:

She looks great! It's great to know that so many of these forgotten artists are still doing what they love.


As of 12/16/2009 Stacy is curently working a new album according to her official myspace page.
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