Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Let's be blunt, the whereabouts of Icy Blue elude even us here at Milk Carton Pop Stars.

With her debut single Pump It Nice 'An Hard (sampling Salt 'N Pepa's Push It), Icy Blu had a brief chart run in the latter half of 1991. She was often called the female Vanilla Ice (though she was much younger than Mr. VanWinkle) and she looked like your average high schooler circa 1991. With her Merry-Go-Round fashions (like you don't remember that store?), and rapping "skills", this teen white girl rapper brought us the afore mentioned gem which we present to you in all its early-90s glory:

The single stalled at #78 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Her second and last single, and probably her best known, was an ode to early 90s teenage love. I Wanna Be Your Girl was a favorite on the now defunct US network, The Box (remember you'd call and for $2.99 they'd play your video choice)...Let's revisit shall we???

Wow. This song didn't fare that much better, as it peaked at #46 on the Billboard Hot 100, and after it ran its course, so did Ms. Blu :(

Both of these singles were taken from her floptastic self-titled debut album:

The album failed to chart and before we knew it Ms. Blu was all but a blip on the pop culture radar. No follow-up, no spot on VH1's Where Are They Now?.

So we turn to you, our faithful readers, anyone got a clue as to what became of Icy Blu? Was her name even Icy?
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