Thursday, June 14, 2007

Chris Cuevas

Many times while researching a lost pop star, we come to find that an artist is still performing. Such was the case w/ early 90s recording artist Chris Cuevas.

Chris released his debut album in 1991 on Atlantic Records. Some of you may remember his singles Hip Hop, Somehow, Someway and his duet w/ Deborah "Debbie" Gibson Someday. After wondering whatever happened to him, we recently found him on myspace.

With that said, I decided to try something new here at Milk Carton Pop Stars...our first ever interview! I'd like to say a big thank you to Chris for taking the time to answer our questions. Without further ado...


1. Hi Chris, welcome to Milk Carton Pop Stars. Tell us where you are from and where you grew up?
Long Beach, Mississippi... Lived there until 1990

2. How did you get started singing?
I grew up in a musical family, so I started out singing at birth I think...

3. Who were your musical influences growing up?
Journey, Hank JR, Waylon Jennings, Inxs, U2

4. In 1991 you released a pop album on Atlantic Records. How did that come about?
My dad got intouch with Diane Gibson, Deborah's Mom. At the time Diane was her manager. She liked what she heard so I played for Atlantic and the relationship started.

Chris & Deborah's video for "Someday"...

5. "Someday", the duet you did w/ Deborah Gibson is a gorgeous song. What was it like working together and do you still keep in touch?
Thank you, It was a honor working with her on that song. I'll never forget the first time I played it for her. She loved it, we then played it for Atlantic and it was included on the record. We catch up every once in while.

6. You've been under the pop radar for quite some time, what did you do after you debut album?
I went on a world tour with Deborah, reaching from NY to LA, and Europe to Asia. Once the record reached it's peek, I decided to pursue writing because of the change in pop music at the time.

7. Can you tell us about your new musical direction and where you are based nowadays?
My new music is where my hearts always been, Country Pop. I'm based out of Mobile, Alabama.

8. Do you play any regular gigs? I am sure some of our readers would love to check out your act live!
I do play spot gigs from time to time. Just check out my myspace page...

9. Do you still have any diehard fans from back in the day?
I really don't know. But would love to hear from them.

10. What's the wildest rumour you've heard about yourself over the years?
Can't really recall any.....that wild...........

Any final words for our readers and your fans?
Yeah, To those who read this...Thank you for your support over these years and believing in my music. Who knows, maybe real soon I'll have another shot at the dream I've always been chasing.

Thanks again,

Chris Cuevas

Don't forget to check out Chris's myspace page! Tell him Milk Carton Pop Stars sent ya!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I had been planning on doing a piece on early 90s teen pop act PC Quest for a while. Remember them? Probably not. They had 1 song chart on the Billboard Hot 100 called After The Summer's Gone. They were kinda like a knock off of The Party imo.'s what they looked like back then:

But today while browsing through wikipedia I came across an astonishing fact! Turns out the lead singer (he's the blonde boy in front) is now the frontman for Shiny Toy Guns! Holy crap! His name is Gregori Chad Petree.

That's him, second to left.

His brother Steve who was also in the band is now a Christian singer and even has his own myspace page. You can purchase his latest cd on

As for the other two members, Drew has a myspace page and continues to perform with other acts. And Kim? Hmmm...from what little info I could find seems she's a married woman and a mom now.

Who knew?
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