Thursday, July 09, 2009

North, South, East, Wes?

The early 90s were flooded by throwaway popstars. Many were brought to us by Maurice Starr (the man behind 80s boy bands New Edition and New Kids On The Block). Today's missing pop star is Rick Wes. I honestly don't remember too much about this guy other than that he was in all the teen mags around the time of his debut. He was part of the whole New Kids circle of acts (Perfect Gentlemen, Tommy Page, etc.). I don't even know if his real name is Rick. That's besides the point. His debut album (cleverly titled) North, South, East and Wes was released in 1990 on Columbia Records. The album's first single North, South, East and West failed to chart according to (as did his further releases). A second single Don'tchu Wanna Rock came and went as well. The album was named the worst album of 1990 by Entertainment Weekly. Ouch!

This record — sung by a teenage Elvis clone — may well be the shallowest album ever made. What's most amazing, though, is that it was produced by Maurice Starr, inventor of New Kids on the Block, who, if nothing else, is a seasoned pro. Nearly as astounding is that the record's opening track is quite literally a commercial, a hype-filled promotion for the hapless music that follows.
A follow up, Possession, followed in 1991. Released on then new label Hollywood Records, it quickly found its way to the cut-out bins of record stores across America despite the hunky album cover. Don't you miss cut-out bins?

(l-r: debut CD, North, South, East & West single cover, Don'tchu Wanna Rock promo single, Possesion CD)

So where is Rick now? No one seems to know. Any idea readers? In the meantime I leave you with the glory that was North, South, East & West...

But it gets better. Check out the video for Don'tchu Wanna Rock. What fine acting!

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