Thursday, June 08, 2006

Got to tell me something

Ana Rodrí­guez was born in Cuba in 1974 and came to the US at an early age w/ her family. Ana (as she is known) released her self-titled debut album in 1987 on Parc/Epic Records. That same year, 80s teen queens Tiffany and Debbie Gibson also debuted. Unlike the afore mentioned, Ana didn't become a household name.

She did, however, score a minor hit with Shy Boys (#94 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #23 on the Billboard Dance Chart). The album did go on to enjoy success in Japan even resulting in it being released w/ a different cover and alternate title, Shy Boys.

In 1988 a single entitled Before I Jump was also released inbetween albums (Thanks to Justin for this info).

In 1990 at age 16 Ana released her second full length album, and probably her most known. Entitled Body Language (yes kiddies Ana did it before Kylie), Ana worked w/ a few different producers on this release and it was with this album that I became a fan.

With her trademark booming voice (if you've never heard her sing, you're missing out! think a Toni Braxton-esque voice) and w/ the help of the man behind NKOTB, Maurice Starr, one would have thought this album would have been a smash! But by the early 90s teen pop was already beginning to fade away. The music world's loss if you ask me.

Got To Tell Me Something, the albums only charting single peaked at #66.

Subsequent singles were released and failed to chart. A duet w/ then NKOTB hearthrob Jordan Knight entitled Angel Of Love received some airplay, as the record company was trying to repeat the success of Donnie Wahlberg's duet w/ Japanese pop singer Seiko. Deborah 'Debbie' Gibson wrote and produced 2 songs for this album including fan favorite Everytime We Say Goodbye. Several tracks were also produced by Hector Almaguer and Kiki Garcí­a, former members of Miami Sound Machine.

After this album failed to make a splash it seemed that Ana was destined to fade into pop obscurity...or so we thought.

Let me share a little story w/ you all now (the shortned version). My family used to own a Spanish language record store and back in early 2004 I was browsing through some promo cd's. I came across a single by a singer named Mia entitled Convencete. I popped it in because I was immediately drawn to the trampy girl on the cover.

I immediately liked it and said to my bf, God doesn't she sound like Ana?

So after some extensive research it turns out Mia is Ana!

Why the name change? I have no idea. With a new name, new sound and a new label, Ana/Mia returned! Released on Univision in the fall of 2003 Ana/Mia brought us Tentación:

During the time she was away Ana/Mia got married, had a child and then divorced. She felt she shouldn't give up her dream (thank god) and called long time friend Rudy Pérez to help her get back into music. While it wasn't a blockbuster success, it did garner Mia a nomination for Best New Artist at Premio Lo Nuestro.

It's been almost 2 years since Mia's Spanish language debut, and again she's missing! There is no sign of her on her labels website, and Tentación has since gone out of print. I think there still may be hope as lately Univision has been including Mia on many compilations. So while we wait for Mia/Ana to reemerge (again) let's check out her über hot video for Convencete (thanks to Chicago_Sexbox for ripping it from DVD to mpg)...


Eddie said...

So are her two english albums hard to find? What about the single she released inbetween albums? How come you never wrote to her or the record company? I bet she would have been shocked to know someone remembered her as Ana!

Joe said...

I did! But I never got any response :( Both of her english cds are rather easy to find and you can probably get them REAL cheap used.

rob said...

i wish she would go back to her pop roots.
i'm one of those fans that love the Gibson-esque pop she sang on 'body language'-- especially 'everytime we say goodbye (penned by la gibson).

she does look pretty hot, though. boob job ya think?

ali said...

I recently bought the Body Language CD on eBay...upgrading from the tape so that I can have it on my iPod now. Had no idea Ana was Mia tho! Amazing!

("Everytime We Say Goodbye" is my fave, too.)

Claudia said...

Thank you so much for the info on Ana being Mia. I was always so curiouse about her,and it was cool to see the video and hear her voice as it sounds today. I can't believe she doesn't have a myspace. A lot of has-beens do.

Definitely a boob job.

Kyleigh Heredia said...

I saw Ana's music video for "Shy Boys" and "Got to Tell Me Something", and I was instantly blown away by her voice. She's a great singer.

I just have one question to ask and I hope whoever has Ana's two albums will respond:

Can you give me a review on all the songs from her self-titled album to her "Body Language" album?

Kyleigh said...

Check out my Ana blog entry on Rare & Obscure Music. Also check out my link to my YouTube Page featuring a video playlist of Ana's music.

Anonymous said...

I loved Ana, and knew every song on Body Language. I wish she had a website!

ვაშლის ჯემი said...

hi, please can u help me to get ana's album ,,tentacion (2003)''? can't find it ...:(

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