Monday, March 22, 2010

L.A. Star

I honestly don't remember L.A. Star from back in the day. Which shocks me, as I was and always have been all about female MC's. I became intrigued by her after seeing her daughter, Rece Steele, compete on VH1's 2008 reality competition Miss Rap Supreme. Not only did I find myself rooting for her daughter, but I couldn't help but remembering how excited judge MC Serch was when he found out who her mom was. It wasn't until last year that I was at a used CD store (remember those?) and found a copy of L.A. Star's lone album Poetess in a clearance bin did I take the plunge so to say. What I found was an album that I could not stop listening to.

What little info I could find was that her real name is Lisa Ali. Her one and only album was released on Profile Records in 1990 entitled Poetess. Produced by The Hollywood Impact, Little Louie Vega, Kirth Atkins and Michael 'Dr Shock' Thomas the album was a female's point of view of gangsta life. I had no luck finding any chart info on the album or its singles. From what I can tell there were two singles in the US, Fade to Black and Swing To The Beat. In the UK the single N.P.T. Posse was also released. Again no chart info can be found for any of these releases. Dear readers let me know of any info you might have to help fill in the blanks. As for what's become of Ms Star and why she quit the rap game, that's where I'm hoping you guys can be of help.

If I recall correctly, when her daughter was on Miss Rap Supreme she mentioned her mother being disalusioned with the music industry, thus resulting in her only releasing one album. Sad because she was a great MC.

I leave you with two videos I could find. The first the video for Fade To Black featuring a young Rece Steele:

Here is the video for Swing To The Beat:

You can also check out her daughter Rece Steele's myspace page.
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