Friday, September 07, 2007

A'me vs Amy

A'me Lorain burst onto the pop scene at the very end of 1989 and by early 1990 had a huge hit with Whole Wide World. The song was from the soundtrack to the film True Love and would later be featured on A'me's debut album.

It was this single that gave A'me her one-hit wonder status. There were even two videos for the song. The one most people probably remember:

And an alternate version w/ clips from True Love:

After the success of her debut single (which peaked at #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 at #9 on the Billboard Dance Chart), A'me released her debut album as A'me Lorain & The Family Affair entitled Starring In...Standing In A Monkey Sea...

Unfortunately it wasn't much of a seller and failed to chart. Probably explains why it was so readily available in the cut-out bins (remember those?) back in the day. This might have had to due w/ the fact that the majority of the album was nothing like her hit single.

But never fear, a second single was released. Like its predecessor, it was produced by Elliot Wolf.

Follow My Heartbeat was realeased in mid 1990 and peaked at #72 on the Billboard Hot 100. After this single came and went, little has been heard of from Ms. Lorain.

A few years ago while surfing the net I had come across a fan site that seems to have fallen by the wayside. It has stated that A'me was working on new material and even was recording under her given name Amy Trujillo.

She has a website up at Unfortunately there's been a pre-register for website launch page up for a few years now. Hmm...what's taking so long? If anything there is this photo up at least...

Not much else is known as to her whereabouts or her plans to release new music. I was able to find her brother's website,, who it turns out was a member of A'me Lorain & The Family Affair. Wherever you are A'me...or is it Amy....we're waiting for your return.


I was able to track down Amy's brother via his myspace page, asked him what she was up to and here what he had to say:

Amy has been working on an album for an independent label for a while. I am not sure where she is at with it. Otherwise, she was one of the guest on a record, with DJ Muggs from Cypress Hill, a couple of years back. It has kind of a Bjork kind of vibe to it. Check it out! It is called "Dust" by DJ Muggs. I hear they have been playing "Whole Wide World" on a station in L.A.. That is cool! You take care and I will tell Amy to get a move on.

Freddy Trujillo
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