Saturday, August 29, 2009

Stacey Q

We have an exclusive interview for all our readers today! STACEY Q! Stacey Q is a long time fave of many of our collaborators here at Milk Carton Pop Stars. She has just released her new single Trip from her forthcoming album Color Me Cinnamon. It is with great pleasure that we bring to you our very first phone interview. I apologize for the sound, as it was our first time doing this, we had a few technical difficulties and had to put Miss Q on speakerphone. How many times can I say the word "awesome"? Find out for yourself! Transcript to come shortly! Thanks again to our dear friend Shawn (1/2 of Hydra Productions) for setting this up and for Stacey for being a total doll! Don't forget to order your Trip single at and to checkout Stacey's fabulous site @! Tell 'em Milk Carton Popstars sent ya!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kevin Paige

Another post?? Yes! Another male pop singer?? Why yes! Today we bring you late 80s/early 90s pop singer Kevin Paige. Born October 10, 1966 in Memphis, TN. According to All Music Guide I was able to find the following info about his beginnings:

The youngest of nine children, his father was a radio singer for NBC during the 1940s. After earning consecutive All-State drummer honors in high school, Paige gigged with a number of local bands, includingthe Press, Xavion, and Finger Print before mounting a solo career and signing to Chrysalis in 1989 to release his self-titled debut LP
Kevin's debut single was Don't Shut Me Out. With it's mix of dance, pop, r&b, funk, etc. it was destined to be a hit. It was. It peaked at #18 on the Billboard Hot 100 during the fall of 1989.

The 2nd single was Anything I Want and was just as eclectic as his debut. By spring of 1990 Kevin scored his second Top 40 hit with the song peaking at #29. For whatever reason a third single never saw the light of day. If it did I certainly don't remember it. What little info I could find only mentioned these two singles. The success of these two singles was enough for this self-titled debut album (did I mention he wrote, produced and arranged it?) to peak at #107 on the Billboard 200. Apparently he also opened for Deborah 'Debbbie' Gibson back in the day. On a side note, I saw both the Out Of the Blue and Electric Youth tour and I don't ever remember him opening for her. Milwaukee (my hometown) must have gotten jipped!

So after making a sizable dent on the charts, you'd think a follow-up was inevitable. So the google search began. What do you know.


Turns out he's still performing. He and his wife, Bethany Paige, perform every Friday & Saturday at Alfred's On Beale in Memphis! So what has Mr. Paige been doing w/ himself all these years? Turns out he's been writing songs for other acts (i.e. Martina McBride) as well as releasing several Christian albums. The duo has released their latest Dangerous Kind which can be purchased via the duo's official website. Who knew?

Let's take a trip back in time and revisit Kevin's two top 40 hits. First up Don't Shut Me Out:

Anything I Want...

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