Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's hammer time...part 2!

Awhile back we featured one of the artists spawned from MC Hammer's incredibly successful career in the late 80's/early 90's, B Angie B. Well, she wasn't the only act to gain notoriety thanks to the Hammer. Oaktown's 357 were MC Hammer's answer to Salt-N-Pepa.

Oaktown's 357 debuted in 1989 with their album, "Wild And Loose". The original line up consisted of Terrible T, Sweet LD and Lil'P. All three had been back up dancers for MC Hammer and were featured in his 1988 video, "Pump It Up". However, when it was time to film the video for the first single, "Yeah Yeah Yeah", Lil'P left the group to get married. Two new members were added, Sweet P and VC, making the group a quartet. After that first single, VC broke her leg and never returned while Sweet P left to replace Sassy C of JJ Fad. Despite experiencing more line up changes than Destiny's Child, by the time the second single was released, "357 Straight At You", the group (now a duo consisting of Terrible T and Sweet LD) were starting to get heavy video and club play. This prompted two more singles to be released, the now old school classic "Juicy Gotcha Krazy" (featuring the unforgettable guest vocals of B Angie B) and "We Like It". Both songs were remixed for their single releases much to the dismay of the fans who bought the album. Neverthless, Oaktown's 357 were gaining visibilty and momentum in the hip-hop community.

After a brief hiatus the girls returned in 1991 with their sophmore effort, "Fully Loaded". This album saw the girls taking more control over their image and music. Long gone were the MC Hammer parachute pants as the girls ushered in a brand new sexy look and sound. The first single, "Turn It Up" wasa Top 20 dance and RnB hit. The video boasted elaborate sets and stunning choreography which helped it gain immense popularity on the now defunt video channel, "The Box". Two more singles were released, "It's Not Your Money" and "Honey". Both enjoyed minimal success but "Fully Loaded" failed to really break these girls into the mainstream. In 1993 there was tentative release date for a follow up EP, "Fila Treatment" but for reasons unknown here at Milk Carton Pop Stars, this release sadly never saw the light of day.

In 2005 both albums were remastered and reissued. The big bonus though was the DVD that came with the reissue of "Wild & Loose" that featured all 7 of their music videos!

Very little information is out there about Oaktown's 357. However, this is one of the reasons why we do this blog. We hope someone out there can tell us what ever happened to the fabulous and fierce ladies known as Terrible T and Sweet LD! Until that happens though we leave you with two of their best videos.

Juicy Gotcha Krazy

Turn It Up

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Louie Louie

Many of you may remember this next singer from his role as Madonna's boyfriend in the early 80s classic Borderline video (remember them up on the rooftop?):

Madonna and Louie Louie in the 'Borderline' video.

Louie Louie had a brief run on the pop charts in the early 90s. From what little info I've been able to find he released a single in 1987 entitled The Girl Who Seduced The World produced by none other than Jon St. James (Stacey Q, Anything Box).

1987 Synthicide Records

In 1990 Louie Louie released his debut single Sittin' In The Lap Of Luxury on WTG Records (whose parent label was CBS Records). The song peaked at # 19 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #17 on the Billboard Dance charts and featured Dizzie Gillespie on the trumpet.

His debut album followed shortly entitled The State I'm In peaked at #136 on the Billboard 200 album chart. Two more singles were culled from this release but failed to set the charts on fire: I Wanna Get Back and Rodeo Clown.

Louie Louie's debut album THE STATE I'M IN

In 1993 he returned w/ a new album and a new label (Reprise). The album Let's Get Started came and went without much fanfare. Though it must be noted he worked w/ both Prince and George Michael on several tracks.

Louie's 2nd effort LET'S GET STARTED

Two singles were released, Thought Of It and Walk With Me. Though neither did much chartwise.

At some point during the mid 90s (1996) to be exact, Louie Louie resurfaced recording under this real name Louie Cordero and released an album with Interscope featuring songs in both English and Spanish reflecting on Louie's Puerto Rican heritage. The album featured the singles Ain't No Other Woman (which was released in both English and Spanish) and Don't Say You Love Me. Needless to say the album came and went. One would think that after all these years Mr. Cordero has faded into obscurity. Well we thought wrong. He is a live and well!!

Turns out he is performing in Vegas!

Here are some highlights from his current bio:

The party started a little more than 3 1/2 years ago when Louie Louie first came with his band to Las Vegas as the House Band for Sunset Station. In time, the Las Vegas Hilton gave Louie Louie both his own showroom and the freedom to play with his act.

In 1998, Nevada Governor Bob Miller declared July "Louie Louie Month" to honor the performing artist for "bringing Las Vegas back to its roots – back to the days when the best performers were in the lounges of Las Vegas’ legendary hotels." On August 21, 2002 Louie was awarded the Key to the city by Mayor Oscar Goodman.

For more info please visit the following website. Don't you love it when your fave acts of yesteryear are still out there doing their thing? 'Til next time...
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