Sunday, November 19, 2006

Found: The Boys

From time to time we here at Milk Carton Pop Stars are researching acts to profile, and we end up finding them. Kinda takes all the fun out of this site? That's beside the point. I thought I'd feature one of those acts today as they were a fave of mine as kid:

The time was 1988 and a group of 4 siblings tore up the Billboard Hot 100 w/ their Top 40 hit Dial My Heart and their debut album Messages From The Boys:

Their 1990 follow-up yielded another hit Crazy in which they spoofed many pop stars of the day (Milli Vanilli, Bobby Brown, Madonna, Janet Jackson, George Michael and Michael Jackson to be exact):

According to fan reports their family moved to Africa after their thrid and final album for Motown Records:

Three young African American brothers who in their youth were child pop stars ( Motown recording artist “The Boys” ) whom at the height of their success traded in the glamour and glitz of the music industry for the pursuit of spiritual truth, ancestral knowledge, and the discovery of their life’s true purpose.

They have recently reemerged and now record under the monkier Sons Of Light. Check out their website @ Here is a recent video they did:


hocine said...

i search all on the boys, i am fan french, please not cut my message

Kyleigh said...

I luv the Boys. I have a few of their songs from their "Messages from the Boys" album on my iPod. You can find the album on either Ebay or

Seeing this entry makes me want to do my own on my blog. What a great inspiration! Thank you!!

missdj said...

The Boys/The Suns have a new webiste with new pics (March 2009), music, videos and blogs.

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