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Tigra and Bunny, better yet L'Trimm! It's time to celebrate THE sexiest rappers to ever bring their rhymes to the mic.
Miami-based teen rap duo and best friends Lady Tigra and Bunny D (real names still unknown!) were discovered and signed by Paul Klein (of production trio Davis Stone Klein aka DSK) at Hot Productions studios when he heard them fooling around with raps in a recording booth while waiting for a friend.

Loving their girlish, unpolished rhyme flow, and riding the wave of success of female hip hop groups like Salt 'N' Pepa and JJ Fad, DSK produced and released their first single "Grab It", a 'response' to Salt 'N' Pepa's mega-hit "Push It", released in 1987. After the song drew attention, they were signed to Atlantic Records and released an album with the same name. An even bigger hit was soon released off the album in the form of "Cars With The Boom", a bass heavy ode to the bass. Some versions of the single also included remixes of the track "Don't Come To My House".

Thanks to the magic of Youtube, you can watch the "Cars With The Boom" video and see the girls in action.

One more poppier single was released, "Cuttie Pie", but it didn't receive much fanfare. By this point, L'Trimm were beloved by fans, but ridiculed by critics and hip-hoppers alike as talentless fakes.

The girls perservered, however, and released their follow-up album "Drop That Bottom" in 1989. The album continued with the miami-bass sound, pushing the bass even deeper, especially in the title track, which was released as the first and only single. At this point the miami-bass sound was losing it's appeal with the public, however, and the girls were eager to work on a new album that would hopefully extend their career beyond being a novelty. They wanted to expand their musical palette, and hit the recording studio with a direction that was poppier but also delved into the house sound of groups like C&C Music Factory that was all the rage.

They left the label during the recording of this third album "Groovy" after disputes with their production crew and label owners over the direction of their sound, and the album was completed with half-finished vocal tracks the girls had previously recorded. The album was released in 1991, however. Two singles were also released. "Get Loose" heavily imitated the C&C sound and some versions of it had Techno mixes of another track, "We Got Da Beat" on the B-Side. "Low Rider" was a remixed version of a track carried over from the "Drop That Bottom" album that utilized War's funk hit of the same name. Both singles failed to have any success, however, and the duo broke up soon after and left the music biz.

And that is where the story seemed to end. Other than a couple remixes of "Grab It" and "Cars With The Boom" in later years, the girls were never heard from again. It was said that Lady Tigra went on to manage a club, while Bunny D became a stay-at-home mom. The L'Trimm sound was echoed in newer groups like FannyPack and Gravy Train!!!, but the ladies themselves seemed to fade into obscurity...
Until now! Lady Tigra is BACK and hotter than ever! She is expected to release her new album, "Please Mr. Boombox", sometime in 2007. Check out her website and myspace page for more info on her exciting new direction. We can only hope she can convince Bunny D back to the mic as well, but until then, her new solo album looks very promising. Always imitated but never duplicated. Welcome back, Lady T!

The Lady Tigra Live + Interview (outrageous!)

Graffiti artist spray paint mural of The Lady Tigra (features a new track!)


bomitoni said...

congrats on your first post!

NastyG said...

Thanks doll! Hopefully it's the first of many. I love this site!!

Chicago_Sexbox said...

Wow, so much information I was never aware of...I thought they only released two albums! Thanks for posting the video too. I hadn't seen it since I was a kid. Lord knows that video got a ton of airplay on The Box!

Kyleigh said...

Check out my blog entry on L'Trimm on Rare & Obscure Music.

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