Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tara Kemp

While some might argue that the early 90s were flooded with female singers on the charts, I'd like to take a moment in bask in those glory days. Ok moment is up. Now let's find out what became of Tara Kemp. Born Tara Leslye Kemp May 11, 1970 in Livermore, CA Kemp came out of nowhere with her debut hit "Hold You Tight". With her pop and new jack lite sound she took the Billboard Hot 100 by storm peaking at # 3. The song also fared well on the R&B charts peaking at #4. (Source)

Check out the rare 1st version of the video:

The more well known 2nd version:

Lightening struck twice with her follow up "Piece Of My Heart" which also made the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 peaking at #7. (Source)

A third single came and went entitled "Too Much". It failed to set the charts on fire and stalled at #95. (Source)

All three of these songs were from Tara's self-titled debut album.

Released on Giant Records, the album peaked at #109 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart and at #34 on the R&B album charts. (Source)

While fans waited for a follow-up to Tara's self titled debut, Tara appeared on the soundtrack to the 90s hit teen show Beverly Hills 90210 with the track "Action Speaks Louder Than Words". Then in 1992 Tara appeared on the soundtrack to Class Act with the track "Anything You Ask".

After a successful debut, one would think her label would be rushing to release a follow-up. Word is that Tara left Giant in 1992 to record for Nerve Records. A single was released in 1994 entitled "Come Off" and flopped, thus the infamous follow-up never saw the light of day.

It's been about 16 years since her debut. So readers, we ask of you...what became of Tara Kemp? Anyone??? All I was able to find was a fan made myspace profile. Sigh.


Nasty G said...

Excellent choice!! It's true, she had more chart success than most pop tarts, and yet she disappeared!! I demand to know why!!! (And I can't feature her album on my other blog because she was unbelievably too successful for it! LOL)

bomitoni said...

Damn her for having hits! LOL! I forgot to mention that years ago I heard some rumor that she was horribly misfigured in a car accident. I don't know what that has to do with anything, but I believe that was the early days of the net I heard that rumor. She could at least release something on cdbaby, we'd buy it!

BigPete said...

She was interesting, how she came and went. I have her three singles. The last one is ok.

Consolecharlie said...

I've found an mp3 that is credited to Searching For Silver feating Tara Kemp. Unfortunately I'm having problems with the website so i can check it out for you guys. Could you have a look and see if it is THE Tara Kemp and not A Tara Kemp?


Consolecharlie said...

I believe that it is THE Tara Kemp that is on this CD.

* For starters, the name is the same (Daft first reason but Tara Kemp isn't the most common name you're gonna find).

*On the CD with this track, it's by Will Hammond Jr - He was the one who worked with Tara Kemp on Hold You Tight.

*It's on the fan made MySpace page for TARA KEMP.

*And it sounds incredibly like her - a bit older and mature but still has the same sorta sound.

I think getting into contact with Will Hammond JR is in order :D

bomitoni said...

charlie...thanks again for being so helpful in finding out info on tara!! if you do happen to contact charlie let us know ASAP!!!!

bomitoni said...

charlie...thanks again for being so helpful in finding out info on tara!! if you do happen to contact charlie let us know ASAP!!!!

Consolecharlie said...

Of course -I'll see if I can't find something ;D

yes said...

just go to tarakemp.com

looks like she's into graphic design and if u scroll to the right there are two links

one is to redpajamas.net which looks like she into folk music with her husband out in oregon and the other is to a glenwoodrestaurants.com which they probably own together

Consolecharlie said...

I thought that it could be her but the woamn doesn't look remotely similar, which is why I decided not to mention it.

Kyleigh said...

OMG! I like Tara Kemp. I love her song, "Hold Me Tight." At first I thought that she was a black singer, but she was a blonde-haired white singer. Boy, was I surprised at that!!

Consolecharlie said...

Right, i've finally found out what happened to her - My thanks to Will Hammond Jr. for this info :D

"It has been awhile since I have hung out with Tara... we spoke a few months back when I was checkin in on her and her little son... they live in Los Angeles area and she is an interior designer now after buying property in the Bay Area and LA area...

In 2005-06 we were talking about working on some of the unpublished songs and releasing them but she has since decided not to venture into the performance side... leave that to the Britneys and Mileys of the world... ha ha.... email if you need anymore info"

So there you are :) Wonder what her interior designs are like :D

Anonymous said...


How can I get in touch with Tara Kemp? I need some interior decorating. Thanks.


Peter said...

Interesting, her 1993 single was called 'Come Correct'.I had a cassette single copy but sold it as the song wasn't that great. It was a let down after the first album

mark said...

Just a note, not really a big deal but you have her DOB listed as 1970. I went to High School with Tara in Livermore, we were class of 1982. That would have made her 12 when she graduated. I would say she was either born in 1963 or 1964

itsyourmovewill said...

I saw her at a party at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco in January of '95. She was looking good - was surprised how short she is.

crazieynsf said...

a few years back, i got it straight from the horses mouth as they say...a lawsuit regarding publishing rights is what derailed her career...i had found a site run by one of the owners of a recording studio she recorded at...anyway...after purchasing the tracks, and not getting any response from the guy for over a month...i posted my frustrations on tara's yahoo group page..and low-and-behold tara replied personally....here is a copy of our emails....

"mark wrote:
hello there...3 weeks ago i purchased the 2 tracks that are listed on
danville publishing's webpage...i made this purchase thru paypal.....to
this day, even after i have sent 3 e-mails to any email addy's i can
find, i still have not heard anything back, nor have i gotten either of
the songs i purchased....there seems to be no phone number to call, and
each e-mail i send, i get an automatic response:

Thank you for your inquery. We shall get back to you regarding your
issue as soon as possible. Thank you again.

Danville Publishing
Customer Service Manager

yet no one has gotten back to me......this isn't cool"

and tara's reply

"Hi Mark,

I don't know who is trying to sell these recordings, but they are not authorized. However, there was a sleazy guy who lived in Danville that my producers once worked with. I sang on a couple tracks for them at his studio. After our success, he sued all of us and caused tremendous stress and cost us a lot of money, even though he had no case. I can only assume that it is the same person. I would prefer that no one try to purchase anything from him. I hope you can get your money back.

Thank You,
Tara Kemp"

after i received this i forwarded the email to paypal to get my money back or something....well the guy then finally replied and he was pissed... wish i could find the email now...but he went on to accuse me of trying to ruin his rep thru paypal and a bunch of other crap and had a few things to say about tara and tuhin bay one of her producers...the lawsuit between them lasted about 3 years or so....and the music biz being what it is..ya know how it goes....just like gina g and her 10 year lawsuit with a producer the killed her career

Anonymous said...

love your music. heard hold you tight on the air. i geuss great minds think alike.

Anonymous said...

There is a "Come Correct" Video on youtube now.


Anonymous said...

She now has a Facebook page!

Larry Grant said...

I did the graphics for her European venue in Copenhagen, Denmark, i still have the originals, she was a down to earth person and very talented and up close she was the the real deal, truly beautiful.

Hattori Hanzo said...

Tara is about to release a new song and video this month, January, 2014

Anonymous said...

Tara's facebook w/clips from a new release.


Anonymous said...

She is comimg back.


Jeff Bailey said...


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