Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm With The DJ

After a quick visit to remix source I was reminded how much I loved a forgotten 90s dance ditty by the name of DJ Girl. "Excuse me? Excuse me? Excuse me Mr. Bouncer!" Who could forget those infamous opening lines to this club smash. Katalina was signed to the California dance label Thump Records. Quite honestly the only reason I even knew of this label was because of their issuing of a Stacey Q greatest hits. And speaking of Ms. Q...long time collaborator Jon St. James was responisible for the bulk of Katalina's one and only album, Sonic Grooves. But I digress...Katalina's debut single was entitled DJ Girl and was an anthem for girlfriends of DJs around the globe. The song peaked at #86 on the Billboard Hot 100. Not sure of it's club chart peak as Billboard's chart link seems to be down at the time of this writing. But you can check that out later for yourself by clicking here. Like I mentioned before a large bulk of her debut album was produced by Jon St. James while the rest were produced by Carlo Zanella. The album straddled the lines between dance, pop, freestyle, synth-pop, etc. Two more singles were released, the title-track Sonic Groove and You'll Be My Future. Neither did much either chart wise. After this album came and went, little has been heard from Katalina. That's where you, are trusty readers come in. Got any info on her whereabouts? Let us know! Are you in fact Katalina and reading this, let us know what you're up to! We'd love to know.

(L-R: Sonic Groove CD; DJ Girl CD Single; Sonic Groove CD Single; You'll Be My Future CD Single)

Unfortunately we were unable to locate the video online to share with you all. Let us all cry in silence.


I was snooping around IMDB and lo and behold found some more info. Katalina's real name is
Kara Wethington and is from Chicago. According to the site here is some more background info:

She was working part time at a recording studio when a vocalist failed to show up for a session. The producer asked her to sit in and do a scratch vocal. After only 10 minutes it was obvious that DJ Girl was a smash and Katalina had a career.
They also state she sang on a song called Wish Me Well with the band The Bouncing Souls and appeared as a singer in the 1999 film Simply Irresistible billed under her real name. Who knew?


After doing even more digging around, we were able to get in touch w/ Kara, aka Katalina, and she had this message to share with our readers:

Just want everyone to know that I am now a fashion publicist who gets to work with bands that inspired me growing up.

I still make cameo appearances on various artists albums and will be singing with the Bouncing Souls again for the first time in over 8 years at the Bamboozle show at the Verizon Wireless show in Irvine - April 5.
For more on the Bouncing Souls click here. Thanks so much to Kara for sharing that with our readers. If you're in her neck of the woods for that upcoming show, check it out and tell her Milk Carton Pop Stars sent ya!


Nasty G said...

I long to hear this album! I know next to nothing about her or it! (And did you see that Michael Eckart's, Jon St. James' constant collaborator, wife wrote on my blog? Awesome!!)

bomitoni said...

I thought you would be all over it!! I actually don't own it either. I will track it down and share w/ you :) How cool that Michael's wife wrote on your blog!!!

PaulAnthony Garcia said...

im old buddies with "Katalina", I Used to do vocals on the THUMP label with her. I have live performance footage from shows in clubs & her super RARE performance on RICKI LAKE!!! hit me up on myspace! And I can hook u guys up with her CD & all CD single remixes.

Kyleigh said...

Katalina's song, "DJ's Girl" hit #44 on Billboard's Hot Dance Music\Maxi-Singles Sales chart in 1996 according to

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