Thursday, February 17, 2011

best of 2010: singles

So it only took me 2 months into 2011 to post my fave songs of 2010. Ok Mike it's your turn. LOL! Enjoy.

Afortunadamente no eres tú - Paty Cantú. Like I've said before, I didn't really care for her previous efforts. But this song is just such a fun pop song that I couldn't stop listening to it. Plus 2 of my fave contestants from Mexico's Next Top Model (Anelís & Cecilia) were in the video. Can you get any gayer?

19. VIP (Dave Aude Radio Mix) - Zayra. Puerto Rican singer/songwriter Zayra hung up her guitar and hit the dancefloor with her first single in years. After a few delays (and a defunct group or two) she came back and made me appreciate a whole new side to her.

18. Whip My Hair - Willow. Ok so the chorus is annoying after awhile, but you gotta admit it's catchy as hell. I'm excited to see and hear what this little girl does next.

17. Been A Bad Girl - Khia. Thug Misses! If you don't know by now, I have an obsession with Khia. She's tacky, nasty, dirty, trashy, and those are all the reason I love her so. I'll admit at first listen I thought this song was rather lackluster. But then I saw the stunning video (those eyelashes kill me), I was in lust. Hurry up w/ that new album already!

16. Indispensable - Lucero. Oh Lucero! How I've loved you so for so many years now. It's been eons since she's done a proper pop album (she's been stuck in ranchera land for years). She came back w/ a pop vengance. So glad she did. This song/video/image is so bad it's good! Did I mention there was an English version too!?!?

15. Freak - Estelle. I was sold from the moment I heard the Soul II Soul sample. What a f*cking awesome song! The video! That hair! Of course it flopped in the US. No rent-a-rapper like her sole hit, American Boy. When's the proper album coming? What a tease!

14. Acapella - Kelis. Kelis Kelis Kelis. How do I love you? Let me count the ways. Why some consider you a one-hit wonder in the US is beyond me. When this song first leaked I thought it was too good to be true. The David Guetta, Frédéric Riesterer produced single has a thumpin' dance beat and a hypnotic chorus. What's not to love?

13. Commander - Kelly Rowland. I declare this the gay song of 2010. I swear I heard it everywhere I went (don't judge me). The beat, the hilarious vogue off by the dualing Kellys (like you never did this drunk with your friends at the local gay bar?). I love it! Why is the most talented one in Destiny's Child taking so long to release an album? Come on Kelly, give us gays what we want already!

12. Call Me - Samantha vs. Sabrina. They should have called this Titty Wars. Whomever had the idea to pair (pun intended) these two, Samantha Fox and Sabrina Salerno, is a genius! Give him or her a nobel prize! The two sluttiest singers of the 80s take on the Blondie classic and do it justice.

11. Somethin' Sexy - Cassie Steele. This song seems to be a one off, as it is not featured on either of her pop/rock albums and is more like her current work in KaraMel. So why include this and not KaraMel? Because I can. Seriously check out this electro/pop ditty. And yes it's available on itunes. Apparently it was a special release for Valentine's Day 2010. Manny Santos never sounded so good.

10. Baila duro - María Daniela y su sonido lasser. Don't watch this video too long. You might have a seizure. Other than that, MDYSSL continue to churn out some of the funniest music in all of Mexico (Mike you need to invest in their entire discography).

9. Lovesick - Emily Osment. Miley put down the bong. You must have been stoned out of your mind to let your sidekick outdo you. Seriously this song is wicked hot! Plus the video totally reminds me of Spectra dolls from the 80s come to life!

8. Shampain - Marina & The Diamonds. I simply can not get enough of Marina! She is amazing! I love that this video is the 2nd coming of Transvision Vamp's Sister Moon. Check out her quirky alterna/pop for yourself.

7. You Lost Me - Christina Aguilera. While I loved the hot mess that was Not Myself Tonight, I gotta admit that Christina is best when her vocals shine (and aren't oversung). It's just a stunning song. Plain and simple.

6. Dancing On My Own - Robyn. How does she keep turning out these amazing singles? Give me some of what she's drinking. On a side note the other day my other half pointed out that I liked her before she broke (I use the term loosely) America again. I found this blog post I did about her back in 2006 on my now-defunct blog! See you should listen to me people! LOL!

5. Egoista - Belinda. While her private life seems to be overshadowing her music career these days, I could care less. She did it again w/ this single. Hot! Hot! Hot! Even if that troll Pitbull had something to do with this song. P.S. I like your nosejob Belinda.

4. Me, Myself & Time - Demi Lovato. Yes I have a soft spot for Demi Lovato. Sue me. This song is from her Disney Channel series Sonny With A Chance and it's amazing. Again don't judge me. While this little ditty probably wasn't heard by many (other than 12 year old girls and me), it's worth checking out. Seriously!

3. Ghost - Fefe Dobson. I friggin' love this song! Fefe Dobson really surprised me with her current offerings. Back in the day I really couldn't stand her. I've grown to love her so. This song is probably the main reason.

2. Terrified - Katharine McPhee ft. Zachary Levi. Whenever I hear this song, I get this happy warm feeling inside. It just makes me happy. I love the vocal delivery Katharine gives. Who knew Zachary Levi had such a nice voice (mind you this is pre Tangled). This album version features the song's co-writer Jason Reeves but it was later recorded w/ Zach. I'm so glad it was, because this version has quickly become one of my all-time faves. Sigh.

1. Push Push - Kat DeLuna ft. Akon. Why oh why did this song flop? I just don't understand. Kat's vocals are killer, the RedOne production is amazing, and Akon even didn't annoy me on this one. It had everything hit songs are made of. Yet again my poor Flop DeLuna (how I lovingly refer to her) has another ignored gem. The line "sweet boy, I just want to be your fantasy boy" just brings a smile to my face everytime I hear it. At least she's got Belgium.


DJ DigitaL said...

Sorry, but nothing can do an original Blondie song justice. :-)

Not a bad version though. Better than other covers.

bomitoni said...

@ DJ DigitaL but of course! But the fact that Sam & Sabrina were together? I get all tingly just writing this. LOL!

DryBaby said...

Wendy James DID have a TWITTER

but she closed it down when only a few people followed her..

(her tweets were just advertising..)

She pretends it never existed at all in 2011.

But it did and flopped bigtime.

Also here's Javier...

Hardly an impartial source of information.

Use Google next time.

See ya.


Anonymous said...

Drybaby a sad excuse of a human being.
Just Google 'Drybaby sad touch typist troll, sacked by Wendy'.
Read the excellent reviews to Wendy's album and then the public comments which hilariously take Anthony Drybaby Clinton apart.
A sad excuse indeed!


Anonymous said...

You seem to be a very sad and bitter little bitch Ms Drybaby!
Whatever did the lovely Wendy do to deserve your undivided and probably unwanted attention?
Did she rebuff your lesbefriends advances?


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