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Miami based group Linear burst onto the pop charts in 1990 w/ their top 5 hit Sending All My Love. From what little info I could find, the song was originally part of lead singer Charlie "Steele" Pennachio's debut release on Futura International Records. After entering the pop charts Atlantic signed him to a deal. What I'm confused about is how the other 2 members of the band became involved? Or was the group already established. Hmmm. The other two members were Joey "Bang" Restivo and Wyatt "Riot" Pauley. Producer and songwriter Tolga (who had many freestyle hits of his own) is also sometimes credited as having been a member of the band. Not sure how accurate this is, but he did co-write and produce Sending All My Love as well as the entire album. A second single Don't You Come Crying stalled at #70. A third single failed to chart (Something Going On). By the time the band's second album w/ Atlantic was released in 1992, it was obvious they had moved away from their freestyle roots and went for all out pop sound. The lead single T.L.C. failed to match the chart succes of ...Love but did crack the US top 40 when it peaked at #30. I can not find any info about any more subsequent releases from this album. In 1994 a cover of Sly Fox's Let's Go All The Way was released as Linear featuring Charlie Steele. Not much has been heard from the group as a whole since, but it seems that the members have been keeping themselves busy. Charlie went on to write for artists such as Anastacia, Mandy Moore, Big & Rich as well as producing and being a talent scout for country singer Jon Rich (which explains why he was on an episode of Celebrity Apprentice). Charlie can be contacted via his myspace page. Joey Restivo has also turned to production. Most notable producing his brother Antonio's Las Vegas act. He can also be found on myspace. Wyatt Pauley seems to be doing the music thing as well. All I could really find was an interview in 2007 talking about the music business. Also check out the remastered best of release The Best of Wyatt Pauley and Friends: Freestyle From The Top which you can purchase on I leave you with Linear and their infamous mullets:

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Corsley said...

What beautiful variety in their artwork! Keem'em going guys!
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Anonymous said...

Hi this is Joey from Linear if interested in what I have been doing just request me as a friend on Facebook Joey Restivo mention Milk and I will be happy to add you. Also a note to the publishers of this site Nice Job guys this looks great.
Best of luck to you all, Ciao, Joey

xlorenalovex said...

My crush when I was 16 ...Best freestyle songs ever. 😍😍😍

Blogger said...


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Unknown said...

Wyatt here,
Check out
Pauley lane band
New band I produced and wrote on
Thanks to all the people that still follow us and still love our music sincerely Wyatt

Entraia Bennett said...

You guys were such a great part of my coming of age. Thank you for the memories! And, thank you for the continued joy of your timeless and transgenerational music.

Javi O said...

I used to have this tape. Played it endlessly! Hope all the band members are doing ok!

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