Thursday, May 26, 2011


Now that we are in a new decade, it seems like the 2000s are chock full of artists to write about. Yay for this blog! Born in 1986 Mikaila Dominique Enriquez is of French, Spanish and Aztec Indian descent from Edmond, OK. After moving to Dallas, TX she became a regular at sporting events and sang at many Texas Rangers games. It was at this time that Leann Rimes's former manager Marty Rendleman began guiding her career. After heading to New York one day, she had meetings w/ several labels. It was that same day that Island Records signed her. Mikaila's debut single So In Love With Two peaked at #25 on the Billboard Hot 100 in January of 2001. It was standard teen pop, and then 14-year old Mikaila was torn between two teen lovahs. This song was featured on her self-titled debut album. Produced by Andy Goldmark (Jessica Simpson, Lina Santiago), Stargate and Carl Sturken/Evan Rogers (Christina Aguilera) it came and went. Another single It's All Up To You failed to chart. An opening slot for Britney Spears couldn't even help her album chart on the Billboard 200. Lost in a sea of teen queens of the day, it's no wonder. You can check out a defunct fan site if you like. Where is she now? I leave you with her video for So In Love With Two:


Gui_BR said...

She had an albm before her self-titled, that it1s rare too.

Nguyen Duc said...

nice blog

Anonymous said...

The latest news that I heard from her so far is that she's now currently working at well known clothing/denim company called Lucky Brand (source: Facebook page with the name Mikaila Enriquez.)

Her profile pic seems to be the same image as how she looked ageless way back 2001. Hope she can go back to the music scene in the near future.

I love all of her songs especially "Art Of Letting Go" that's very emotional ballad song that I can relate to my previous heartbreak experience and losing loved one(s)

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