Monday, April 16, 2007

Turn around make your move

A quickie update on one of our more popular profiles. While I still haven't found out a lot of info on what Denise Lopez is doing now, I did obtain the video for her 1990 dance classic Don't You Wanna Be Mine!!!!

My obsession for all things Ms. Lopez has even led me to start a myspace page for her, which you can find by find by clicking here. WIthout further ado, here is the video. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, a couple of those male background people are/were Madonna dancers from Blonde Ambition, inlcuding Oliver.


PS: I LOVE this blog!

sirtoa said...

your typical generic dance/pop diva from late 80s early 90s...nothing vocaly or artistically earth shattering about this artist.

Anonymous said...

Denise was great and far better than the overated JLO.
I hope Denise does a come back cd..i miss her!

Consolecharlie said...

Denise's hit Don't You Wanna Be Mine was re-released with a new promo video in June and apparently it was a massive hit on the dance charts.

Perhaps Denize could be making her comeback? :D

j said...

VOCALLY SHE WAS WONDERFUL. that voice is unforgettable and u can tell its her right from her first note.
no white girl pierces like denise.
a classic freestyle diva. 10 points.

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