Friday, December 18, 2009

Freestyle Paradise

I love Freestyle music with all my heart. It's one of the trashiest, cheesiest genres ever to exist in the history of music. With that said some of the artists of said genre are exactly the kind we love here at Milk Carton Pop Stars. Case in point the ladies of Laissez Faire. After the original line-up fell through, Metropolitan Records (home to April, Lil' Suzy and Giggles to name a few) sought out a new line-up for it's girl group. If Exposé were the top of the girl group totem pole, then Laissez Faire, well they were like the dirt the totem pole was impaled on. But that's why we love them so.

Jennifer (Castle), Marlo and Gina would make the final cut. Their debut album Hands Off was produced by Joey Gold (who just 2 years previous had a freestyle single out called Devil In My Heart) and was a freestyle dream come true. Cheesy beats, huge hair and nasal vocals. What more could you ask for? The album's lone mainstream "hit" was the single In Paradise. While deemed a freestyle classic by many, it only managed to peak at #65 in February of 1992. Subsequent singles also faired well in club land but failed to light the Billboard Hot 100 on fire (To Be In Your Arms, Round & Round, Swept Away).

After their debut album came and went not much has been heard from the ladies. They did some reunion shows in 2000 at a few Freestyle reunion shows. I haven't been able to find much info on the ladies. Lead singer Jennifer Castle went on to be model and dance professionally. In 2004 she started her own business Exquisite Entertainment, Inc. which provides entertainment for special events. Little has been heard from Marlo. Gina went on to record under the name Ariel, including a trance version of the Bee Gees's song Woman In Love in 2000. Readers can you help us out?

In the meantime I leave you with their glorious low budget epic In Paradise. Awhile back my dearest Grant referred to it as a "1-900 ad for tranny hookers". Enjoy the hair! The moves! The guido love interest! It's like a lost episode of Jersey Shore!


Nasty G said...

LOL!!! Looove! And the Jersey Shore reference! I now have to repost this on Facebook with that comment! LOL

Mike said...

I am completely and utterly mesmerised by these stunning divas! How is it possible to be so glamorous, so talented and use so much hairspray?!

I really need to further my freestyle education. Fabulous stuff.

bomitoni said...

I knew you two would appreciate such hairsprayed beauty! I totally want that "Paradise Exit" sign for my apartment.

Mike there is so much freestyle trash out there, it's like a wonderland full of hairspray and spandex! Where to begin?

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