Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mario Vazquez

I really don't care too much about American Idol or any of it's contestants (well except for Fantasia...and I have a soft spot for Kimberley Locke and Katharine McPhee...oh and don't get me started on my lust for Chris Daughtry...I digress). I honestly don't even watch the show. Yet I was always intrigued by former contestant Mario Vazquez. Born Mario Adrián Vázquez on June 15, 1977. He hails from the Bronx, New York. He was a front runner for fourth season of American Idol (which would later be won by Carrie Underwood). He mysteriously dropped out early on in the competition. Guess he thought he didn't need the AI machine to make it, huh? Girl think again! He claimed his early departure was due to personal issues. Many speculated he didn't want to be tied down to 19 Entertainment, AI's co-producers. After hiring the same lawyer who got Clay Aiken out of his contract, he wound up signing with Arista Records (the same label that wound up releasing Underwood's winning album). Released September 26, 2006, Mario's self-titled debut album made a brief appearance on the Billboard charts. It peaked at #80 and sold a paltry 23, 116 copies (source). The album's first single entitled Gallery faired a little better peaking at #35 on the Billboard Hot 100. A subsequent single, One Shot, failed to chart. It seems Mario couldn't do much without the AI machine after all. While he has a nice voice (my better half calls him a JC Chasez clone) and worked w/ some hip producers of the moment, it wasn't enough to make his album the hit it could have been.

But this wasn't the last we heard from Mario. Scandal followed in 2007 when the Advocate and sites such as TMZ ran stories that a gay scandal had brewed behind the scenes on, well, the gayest program on American television! All scandal aside his music career was pretty dried up at this point. He did however deny rumors that he is gay in an interview w/ he is quoted:

I'm not gay. But I want people to know I'm very tolerant of [gays]. I grew up with gay people. Growing up in New York City and growing up in the world of arts, it is something that’s there and I don’t even have a second thought about it.

Something tells me he's gayer than me and Mike over at Pop Trash Addicts put together. But that's just my opinion.

In 2008 he did team up with Sharam and sang guest vocals on the dance track Get Wild:

While his myspace hasn't been updated since 2007, I'm sure this isn't the last we've heard of Miss Mario. I leave you with her video for Gallery:


Mike said...

Gayer than you & me put together? Girl, that's a scary thought! Mario isn't my cup of tea but I quite like that trashy dance track.

It's great to have you updating again!


bomitoni said...

That is pretty gay. LOL! He's not my cup of tea musically either, but I just found his whole coming and going quite interesting. Plus my bf likes his cd. There were some faggy dance mixes of his singles too!

IQ said...

Look at what he wears. He's gay! I'm gay, and I don't wear that crap. He seems doable, and a total bottom, but I've seen some Puerto Rican cock, and he just might be packing a huge meaty one. And, no, I don't like any of his songs.

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