Monday, May 01, 2006

Choice Is Choosie

For the very first installment of Milk Carton Popstars I've chosen none other than the very first XXX Lady of Rap, Choice (let me just say this...Lil' Kim ain't got nothing on Choice, she sounds like Mother Goose in comparison). Choice, what can I say about her? Hailing from Texas, the first lady of Rap-a-lot Records burst onto the scene in 1990 w/ her debut album The Big Payback which was a minor hip hop hit.

But it wasn't until her sophmore album Stick-N-Moove released in 1992 that Choice gave us her nastiest rhymes w/ songs like Choice Is Choosie, Tales From The Sexside and One Just Ain't Enough. But it wasn't just big cocks and rubbing her p*ssy that Choice rapped about. She took on serious issues on the classic HIV Positive, the video got heavy rotation on the now defunct The Box. What with lyrics like this, who wouldn't take her seriously?:

A tisket a tasket, a condom or a's your choice. Make the right one

My devotion to Choice is owed to my Milwaukee Sister whom I am sure can give us a lot more insight into the enigma that is Choice. It is because of him that a slew of homos the world over have started a gay cult following for Choice. I wonder if she even knows?

So where the hell is Choice now? We ran into some queens from Texas recently at Roscoe's who swore up and down that they knew her. That she was so and so's cousin. Well if you're so and so we'd love to know what the hell happened to her? Leave us a comment here or email us at


Chicago_Sexbox said...

I am so happy to see Choice featured in our first installement. I consider myself probably her biggest fan, yet even for me much of her career is an enigma. She first appeared on Willie D's "Controversy" album in 1989, bragging about her "pussy the size of Bolivia". I am not sure if that is something a woman should brag about about, but whatever! lol

That particular album though is hard to find now on CD. I have seen only one copy pop up on Amazon for about $100. Choice broke out though with her debut album with one of the best "dis records" in the history of rap, "Payback". Anyone familiar with gansta rap of the late 80's/early 90's (ie. not Rob), will instantly recognize the names dropped on that song and will laugh knowing the meaning behind all of Choice's insults. It was quite the bold move for Choice to record such a controversial record. Not many female rappers would have dared to do such a thing back then,

I hope Choice is still a pimpstress and the finest woman livin' in Texas! Just don't mistake her for no fucking floozy!

Peace in yo middle crease!

MatadorMexicano said...
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MatadorMexicano said...

this is awesome! im going to youtube her and look for the vid to hiv positive. m intrigued!

kat said...

I LOVE choice.. where do I get a copy of stick n move????

bomitoni said...

your best bet is to find it used on or on ebay

SexyC said...

Man! yall don't know how long I've been looking for this damn CD... hell I'll take the cassette if I can find it. I played this cassette so much it burst in my player!!!

holla back if you can tell me where to find this album.

PS. "I remember my old boyfriend named nick, he had a big da big da big big ole di..!" hahahahaha. Choice where ya at?!!

Arsen_from_Italy said...

Hi, I'm Arsen from Italy!
I listen to Hip-Hop (and rap too) since many years and in the early 90's
I bought many strange records.
Probably I'm the only person in Italy owing "Stick n moove", anyway I really can't sell it.
I'm very curious about Choice, she was remarkably nasty and explicit, rarely you can hear so many "fuck" and "goddamn" in a girl's mouth even today.
She was talented, but she missed a good production.
Choice, where are you now?

Anonymous said...

I own Stick-N-Moove and now I am looking for her video for HIV Positive! Anyone know where I can find it! I know a good place to down load The Big Payback for only $2.00 but you bhave to buy $20.00 worth of credits which is a good deal. Oh the site is very legal! my email is let me know if you want the site.

Anonymous said...

So...any way to download this?

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