Friday, May 12, 2006

Just Call Her Nicety

Under the guidance of rappers Eazy-E and Dr. Dre, Michel'Le released her debut album in late 1989 on Ruthless Records. Her first single, "No More Lies" reached #7 on the Hot 100 and the album eventually was certified platinum after spawning 4 more pop/rnb hit singles (including her clever ode to girls that are "nice" and "nasty", appropriately titled "Nicety"!). In addition to her fierce music, Michel'Le was probably also remembered most for high pitched Betty Boop speaking voice. Her singing voice though was completely different. It was loud and distinct. Girlfriend could throw down like a veteran diva!

Now, after her debut album is when things got strange. I am hoping someone can fill us in here at Milk Carton Pop Stars as to what really happened. From what I gather, Dr. Dre and Michel'Le were romantically linked and had a child together. When Dr. Dre formed Deathrow Records with Suge Knight, there was a legal battle between him and Eazy-E to free Michel'Le (along with Dr Dre) from their Ruthless contracts. Ok, so all of this information is documented and well known. Dr. Dre won his court battle and they left Ruthless Records, but what I don't understand is why did Michel'Le wait until 1998 to release her sophomore album??????

"Hung Jury" barely sold 200,000 copies. I think this was an extreme case of too little, too late. The album was rather underwhelming and lacked the sassiness of her debut album. All remained quiet again with Michel'Le until 2003 when she performed a song on the "Dysfunktional Family" soundtrack, but as far as I am concerned she has been missing since 1998! Her Wikipedia entry says she is married to Suge Knight now with whom she has had several more children and that she is working on a new album. Can anyone confirm this? I have googled Suge Knight's name and I cannot find anything official to back this up.

Michel'Le, we miss you girl and we want a proper follow up to your debut album!

I leave you all with the "Nicety" video.


Justin K. said...

So cool to see Michel'le featured! I don't know anything about her whereabouts now, but I do have good memories of her music -- especially "Keep Watchin'" and "If" -- two of the five singles/videos from her debut album! (one of those rare albums that managed to stretch out single releases over almost a year-and-a-half!) Prior to that success, she had sung on a hit by the World Class Wreckin' Kru called "Turn off the Lights" in 1988. I did see her in concert in 1990 as part of M.C. Hammer's tour (a massive show with seven opening acts!). I felt so badly that much of the audience was booing her when she talked onstage. So cruel! I also remember seeing her interviewed on Video Soul when she first came out, and the host, Donnie Simpson, seemed quite amused by her speaking voice.

Girlfriend could really blow! I was also very disappointed with the second album. Not even worth comparing to the first! Well, hopefully she has more in store...!

Kyleigh said...

I remember reading about her. Michel'le had this squeaky-sounding voice when she talked, but when she sang, WHOA! Talk about amazing.

I love her music. My fav song is "Something in My Heart." She sound so great!!

Kyleigh said...

When I did my blog entry on Michel'le, I checked on her MySpace page that she is working on new music.

I don't know when Michel'le will be releasing a new album, but if I know something about it, I'll try to let you know.

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