Monday, May 01, 2006


Remember as a kid seeing on the side a milk carton a missing kid? Well we're kinda stealing that idea and instead of a missing child, we're focusing on missing pop stars. Be it a group, solo act, etc. So I look forward to sharing w/ you all. Thanks and don't forget to bookmark us!


Justin said...

So great that you guys have started this site ... and in such cool "packaging."

Here are a few personal suggestions for artists you might feature:

Regina (Richards, of "Baby Love" fame & also from the Red Hot group)
Stacy Earl
Sugar Babes (the "original" 80's group!)
Anna Marie
Lisa Keith
O'chi Brown
Ann G.
Rhonda Clark
Teen Dream

~ Justin

Johnny said...

here are a few more suggestions....

*Oaktown's 3.5.7





*The Real Roxanne

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