Friday, May 19, 2006

Missing Times Three

Born 7 minutes apart to a Mexican father and an American mother, Vicky, Sylvia and Diana Villegas, aka The Triplets, are best known for their 1991 smash You Don't Have To Go Home Tonight.

Prior to their breakthrough hit they released a little known EP in 1986 on Elektra Records entitled Break The Silence. Details about his release are really hard to come by, and as a long time fan myself I did not even know of it's existence until I recently stumbled upon it on ebay. It's nothing like their material recorded in the 90s, as it sound very typically 80s. Of note Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor plays on a few tracks.

What happened betweeen the 1986 EP and 1991 seems to be a mystery. So let's fast forward to 1991, shall we? Now signed to Mercuy Records, the Villegas sisters release their debut single You Don't Have To Go Home Tonight which quickly becomes a hit peaking at #14 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Their debut album ...Thicker Than Water was charted as well and peaked at #125 on the Billboard Album Chart.

A second single, the gorgeous Sunrise failed to chart. Though some of you may remember the title track being played during the final scene of the infamous graduation episode of Beverly Hills 90210.

While their full length debut was not the huge success it should have been, they were able to record and release a Spanish language version of their debut entitled Fuerza del parentesco which was released in 1992. Sombras y silencios (the Spanish language version of Dancing In The Shadows) charted at #11 on Billboard's Latin Singles Chart in 1992.

During the fall of 1993 the girls released their one and only album w/ EMI Latin entitled Algo mas que amor which billed them as Las Triplets.

By 1994 the title track peaked at #2 on the Billboard Latin Single Chart. The song was actually a Spanish language version of I've Been Waiting For You by the Guys Next Door. An English language version was also included on this release. The 2nd single to chart was Mi mundo entero and that peaked at #27.

Since 1994 little to no information exists as to the whereabouts of The Triplets. It's a shame they did not record more as they had gorgeous voices and if marketed right could have given Wilson Phillips a run for their money. So we contine to ask ourselves...where are they now? While we wait let's watch the video for You Don't Have To Go Home Tonight:


Justin said...

Yes, they were a very unique group! I actually discovered their "Break the Silence" LP in the late 90's on a trip to New York. To me, they had a bit more edge with this album. It was produced by Bernard Edwards (of Chic), who was hot at the time with the success of Power Station. You can hear that hard-hitting pop/rock/dance hybrid on the single "Translate" (anyone seen or have the video?) I was fortunate enough to get a copy of another video from that album, "Boys." They show a lot of 'tude in this one -- it's classic! They were definitely more A/C with their big hit -- or at least more mainstream pop. But "You Don't Have to Go Home Tonight" was a very nice song! I hope they're doing well these days!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that someone mentioned "Boys"! That's when I first heard of them, circa 1983--MTV had a show back in day called "The Basement Tapes", which allowed independent artists to submit a video, which the home audience voted on. I'm pretty sure The Triplets didn't win, but the "Boys" video got some rotation, at least. Thanks for posting!

Skydogz1 said...

Triplets are incredible. They're like Abba, but with richer voices and perfectly in the groove. Their music is timeless, and their videos are awesome. They have their own look, which I find to be mind boggling. They carry themselves like no other. I'm greatful for the music and vids they made.

Steve said...

I used to hear "The Sunrise" all the time. I was working at a T.J. Maxx in the early nineties, and the piped-in music system would always play it. There's also a scene in A Perfect Candidate, a documentary on the 1994 U.S. Senate race in Virginia, where the incumbent senator, Charles Robb, is in a virtually empty supermarket desperately looking for some voters to reach out to. "The Sunrise" plays on the loudspeakers as he wanders aimlessly through the aisles. Yes, that was a very good song. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the awesome kudos! The Triplets are back in action! Actually, Sylvia and Vicky with Diana on lyrics..are ramping up to release their new CD "Independence Road!" Please visit their face book page and youtube channel! Just getting started. Adding a bunch of Triplets videos..for our "then and now"~
Thanks for keeping the music alive in your hearts! Much love!

Greg MacShane said...

The Triplets did win the MTV basement tapes. the facebook page listed seems to be dead. but the you tube channel is their official page.

Hammster said...

Here's a good page for Sylvia Villegas:

She and Vicky frequently perform in the Lexington, KY, area (Mainly at Natasha's) with a band as SylVic and the Mockingbirds. But, as they mentioned a couple comments up here, they are working with Diana on a new record, that should hopefully come out sometime this year. ^_^

Anonymous said...

The Triplets ARE BACK! They've just released their new album Independence Road - it's available on iTunes or Spotify and you can follow them at their FB page:

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